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Room Of The Week 5.19

Come summer time, I'm sure we all wish we were living in a cabana... well, this living room certainly comes close. With soaring tent-like ceilings, and plenty of black and white stripes, the playful space lends a sunny yet styled disposition...

the black and white stripes in this playful living room give it a summery cabana feel | room of the week via coco kelley

There are a few key things about this space that called to me when I first spotted it - the use of natural fibers that lends to that 'outdoor' feel being one of them. But more importantly, the use of stripes that doesn't feel heavy, overwhelming or dizzying. They achieved this by using the striped wallpaper on only one small area, continuing it through the painted shade pendants, and then switching it up with the stripes in the zebra print. It's continuous, but not saturated, and I love that.

a playful black and white living room with stripes and modern furnishings | room of the week via coco kelley

Ok, so the coffee table might feel a bit busy, but it's playful and so is the space!

a pink sofa is the perfect accent to this black and white living room - room of the week on coco kelley

The tall art behind the pink chair may seem a bit utilitarian, but it plays a purpose - to fill the wall without distracting from the other focal points in the room. Such as the big bold library wall!

modern red barn doors and a floor to ceiling library add color to this mostly black and white living room | room of the week via coco kelley

When in Spain... mount a few bull heads and call it a day! A few more cool details to call out here - the faux rope that's 'hanging' the pendants brings a nice line to the room and and continues a rope detail that you'll also find in the railing that you may have noticed in the first few photos. Then there's those red doors! I love the way they graphically separate the space and lend a big hit of color to the room.

a playful vignette in black and white stripes makes this living room feel like a cabana | room of the week via coco kelley

Last but not least... what would likely be my most favorite spot in the room to perch for a bit (see what I mean about that cabana feel?). The way the stripes meet up from the base of the sofa to the wallpaper is genius attention to detail.

What are your thoughts on this space? It's rather unconventional, and I love that about it, but do you think you could live in it all the time? What elements would you potentially change?

via elle espana