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Room Of The Week 1.22

Last month, T Magazine released a list of 'The Most Breathtaking Rooms' they had featured in 2015. Being one of my favorite sources for inspiration, of course I had to check it out. And I rediscovered a snippet of a space that I had saved away in my memory...

dark dramatic manhattan apartment | coco kelley

This dark dramatic moment comes courtesy of designer Fernando Santangelo and a moody film maker who enlisted his help in morphing this Manhattan home into quite the eclectic space. The layers of silks, mohair, marble, fur and other textures and textiles just in this one shot alone are enough to be rewarded with the Room of the Week title.

But I wasn't satisfied with this one and only image of the living room - I couldn't just post one image for the Room of the Week! So I hunted. And hunted. AND HUNTED. And then I discovered the portfolio of Nicole Cota who assisted Santangelo on this project, and whose photos were worthy of inclusion...

dark and dramatic west village townhouse | via coco+kelley

dark and dramatic west village townhouse | via coco+kelley

There are some very specific, interesting choices here that I know aren't for everyone, but overall, I really enjoy the mood set here by the designer. Especially that long, mohair sofa. If you look throughout the whole house you'll see a heavy mix of antiques that create this sort of mod art deco style that's pretty unique.

dark and dramatic west village townhouse | via coco+kelley

The fireplace is my favorite feature. If you're as into this kind of stuff as me, check out how the townhouse looked when it first sold (a mix of Japanese zen and steel) and what it is now, and try not to be impressed.  That mantle-to-ceiling mirror is also doing some amazing things for the space, reflecting the light from the huge windows and doors as well as the gorgeous art across the room.

dark and dramatic west village townhouse | via coco+kelley

While the rest of the home has its moments (the study is another favorite), this room nails it for me with its selections. If it were in my own home, I imagine it not to be the main room, but a cozy basement or library moment where the darkness would feel more appropriate to my mood.

Do you love it, or hate it? What elements would you pull from this luxurious space? Oh, and in case you're in the market, you can see the whole townhome listed at Sotheby's for a cool 12.5 milion. Just try not to fall down the rabbit hole of looking at Manhattan properties while you're there (and happy Friday to you!).