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Art Direction :: Cozy Creamsicle

Ready or not, the last days of summer are upon us. In Seattle that means draping ourselves in cozy layers while we’re enjoying that last summer ice cream cone before fall officially begins. Cordy Ryman The work of New York City born and bred Cordy Ryman, who I learned about at the Seattle Art Fair (which was a smashing success!), inspired this last summer hurrah mood board. Cordy has a flawless eye for color and design and effortlessly blends painting with sculpture. I love his bold graphic pieces, especially when he incorporates a liberal amount of show-stopping pink! Cordy Ryman Melanie Biehle for Coco Kelley7 Cordy Ryman Melanie Biehle for Coco Kelley5 Cordy Ryman Melanie Biehle for Coco Kelley4 iceland volcano Cordy Ryman Melanie Biehle for Coco Kelley8 images via :: galerie zürcher // ernests // pilar castro evensen // kaputte // rala choi photography // anton ginzburg // rebekah campbell // emelie diaries // refinery29 // linus ricard // l’appartement // my modern met // roos gomperts // fabrizia compagna // trendland