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One Room Inspiration :: A Bold Jewel Box

I’ve enjoyed putting my sourcing skills to the test lately with these more unique inspiration rooms, but this bold beauty designed by design duo Tilton Fenwick might have been the greatest challenge yet!

kitchen peek at this bold room by tilton fenwick // via coco kelley

Barely a peek into the brightly colored space offers a glimpse at how saturated it is with print, pattern and jewel tones…

bold blue library and den space by tilton fenwick // via coco kelley

And, indeed, it is quite the gem. When I design, color like this is reserved only for small spaces – rooms that you don’t necessarily spend a ton of time in, but want to feel really special. And, of course, it takes a certain person to appreciate it.

bold blue library and den space by tilton fenwick // via coco kelley

But the most challenging part of recreating a space like this is that it’s so obviously been customized down to every stitch. Don’t expect ready-made items to pull together quite so seamlessly – when a space is this busy, every color and detail has to be carefully selected.

bold blue library and den space by tilton fenwick // via coco kelley

But, of course, we did our best to get you started! Here’s how we’d get the look with some ready-to-buy items…

bold blue library get the look // via coco kelley

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Of course the sofa would be the hardest to recreate – in fact you’d have a better chance of starting with a vintage sofa to set the tone for the whole room if custom is out of your budget. Otherwise, you’re stuck with options like this funky little settee which will do the trick!

My favorite piece might be the bright fuchsia bench – probably because I’ve always wanted to incorporate this color into my spaces and have yet to be successful in doing so. But the best deal goes to the pair of white accent tables, for sure.

What do you think – would you reserve a room in your home for such a bold, expressive space?