The sad truth about this summer is a) it went entirely too fast and b) I spent far too little of it on a boat. Which may explain why I felt the need to bid the sunshine goodbye with an over-the-top nautical party. It also may have had something to do with my obsession with bejeweled life-size lobsters…

coco kelley bon voyage nautical party

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

nautical glam tabletop with bejeweled lobsters // party by coco+kelley

Because clearly life is better with these gorgeous little creatures in them! I mean, what better way to top a lavish table of golden anchors, oversized clam shells filled with champagne, and red coral all topped with strands of ‘pearls’?

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

Not to mention some of my favorite pieces from L’Objet – I’ve always had a thing for that scalloped china… and the coral cocktail forks? Too good. Really.

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

But of course, we couldn’t stop there…

nautical glam tabletop  - ahoy straws! // party by coco+kelley

Customized straws that say ‘ahoy’ were absolutely necessary. What else do you drink your champagne out of?

nautical glam tabletop  - invitations // party by coco+kelley

The invitations were created out of a pattern of nautical flags. So fabulously graphic, don’t you think?

This little lobster is ready for a refill…

nautical glam tabletop  - bejeweled lobsters! // party by coco+kelley

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

While this one is obviously getting greedy with her sparkle. (That’s my Francesca!)

nautical glam tabletop - ahoy straws // party by coco+kelley

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

If you’re old enough to remember the movie “Overboard(unlike my interns who all stared blankly at me when I mentioned it) well then know you know my real inspiration behind this table. Can’t you see Goldie Hawn sitting here in her ridiculous oversized hat, yelling at Andrew for caviar? (For your reference…)

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

nautical glam tabletop // party by coco+kelley

It’s purposefully ridiculous, but still fabulously tasteful, which pretty much sums up the way I like to think about most of my life, frankly. So who’s with me? Are you ready to send off our summer in overboard style?

sources :: lobsters courtesy of the fabulous kara ross // l’objet aegean dinner plate in platinum // l’objet coral cocktail forks // sapphire glassware // red coral // salad plates // linens courtesy of pedersen’s // custom straws at krazy straws

credits :: photography by julie harmsen // styling by cassandra lavalle for coco+kelley


  1. kate Zucconi

    I love the overboard (no pun intended)!! theme of this party x
    Those bejewelled lobsters are so cute and the nautical flags do make a great graphic on the invites!
    It looks like fun! I hope there were no men overboard!!

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  3. Alycia Nichols

    I am old enough to remember “Overboard” and many of its predecessors!!! That was a greatly fun movie, and yes…I can totally imagine Goldie’s character dining in this fashion aboard her yacht! Heck…I can see ME dining aboard my imaginary yacht!!! :-)

    I really like the mix of colors and textures on this table, as well as the “bling” that abounds!!! My kind of table!!! That anchor is perfect, too, as a part of the centerpiece! The invitations are top notch, bar none!!! And the fanciful straws just take the cake. If you’re gonna do it, DO IT…right??!??!

    VERY cool! The ultimate in posh nautical!

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