In the last three weeks of travel I’ve gone from lounging by the lake in Michigan, to enjoying Manhattan rooftops and city parks, and both have made me realize two things. 1. I’m so happy to be home for a bit. And, 2. Wherever you go, and whatever the size, it’s so important to have a little outdoor space of your own…

small backyard patio in black and white

If I could completely re-do my rooftop garden, I think it would a little something like this. I love black and white and green together – whether done totally preppy or casual. But, I have to admit I’ve been spending much more time in my boyfriend’s yard this summer instead…

ikea outdoor kitchen set up

Which means I’ve actually, finally been getting into gardening. I come from a long line of green thumbs and I’ve always loved watching (and occasionally helping) my mom with all her flora and fauna – especially the vegetable garden! So, I think it’s high time I invested a little in my gardening attire and accessories. After all – there’s no reason we can’t get a little glamorous when gardening!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Pink flamingos are a necessity for this former California girl, and gold Birkenstocks are the only way you’ll see these sandals on these Seattle feet. Some chintz garden tools, and high-shine hose and watering can will complete the look. Oh, and a woven visor of course. Getting dirty is much more fun this way…

images :: house & home // ikea via remodelista


  1. Marie

    I love to garden; I find it really meditative although now with the heat and humidity we’re having in Montreal, I find it almost unbearable some days. Looking forward to slightly cooler days so that I can get back out there.

    On another note, the gold garden hose has caught my eye. I might just have to get one.


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