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June Moodboard // 14

As I sat down to create this month’s moodboard for myself, I realized I never even made one for May. Spring has been moving at a pace that I just can’t seem to keep up with, which is why I love sitting down and creating these virtual boards for myself. It’s a great creative compass for me – pulling tons of images and starting to piece them together to see what comes out of it…


There’s an air of wanderlust here – which makes sense, as we head into summer and I begin craving an escape from the city – that is depicted by the windows and mood. There is also an architectural simplicity with an air of comfort…

zara basic tee and skirt

summer escape bedroom


Do any of you begin your summer adventures this month? I’d love to hear where you might be heading… it’s time for me to start planning my next escape!

images :: nicolas matheus // the selby // emily ferretti // l’ esthetique de l’inventaire // emma’s design blogg // unknown // zara // romain ricard