Duly Noted // 6.27

Um, did anyone else wake up and realize that the 4th of July is next weekend!? I’m so unprepared, and apparently so is everyone else. Perhaps this calls for a celebration on my rooftop next week! In the meantime, the impending holiday has put me in a bit of a red, white and blue mood…


1 // My friend and and all around fabulous gal, Grace Atwood, has launched her collection with BaubleBar for pre-order! I’m loving all the rope elements, including this necklace.

2 // This inside of this house is lovely, but it’s actually the outside that’s captured my design heart. I’m dying over that combo of navy blue and wood!

3 // One of my favorite spaces in Seattle to dine was recently featured on Remodelista. Check out the tour of Westward, and look for more articles like this coming soon to coco+kelley! I’m all about showing off my beautiful city these days.

4 // Sometimes the most simple design details will totally sell me on a piece. In this case? A perfect spot to put a potted plant under the stool top. Sold.

5 // In my quest for color this summer, I discovered these adorable tasseled sandals, at a very reasonable price. They come in black, raspberry and teal too!

6 // I discovered a new brunch spot in Seattle last week that has amazing Dutch Babies and now I’m obsessed. Thinking of testing out this almond and blood orange version over the weekend…