If I really think about it, my obsession with walled window dividers in homes began with this kitchen that I’m still pretty in love with. It resumed again with this office. And then, suddenly, it seemed as though this architectural detail was everywhere…

open window panel in kitchen marmo spirito

open window kitchen with light wood and gorgeous tile // Hecker Guthrie

masculine kitchen // nate berkus

And not just reserved for kitchens, by any means. The open window makes sense for any space where you want to flood the light in, while still having some sort of reason for division – shutting out noise, keeping in heat, providing privacy when needed (these windows could be easily draped) but otherwise allowing for the feel of an open floor plan…

open studio // wit & delight // thecomn

windowed walls // grey bedroom

In my own home – a loft whose light mostly comes from the front of the building – I could see how it would be used with a certain layout, but at the same time, I wouldn’t really want to close off any part of the space. It’s a beautiful detail, but I’m wondering how practical, considering how much we all adore our open kitchen living plans. Thoughts?

images :: marmo spirito // hecker guthrie via the design files // nate berkus // wit & delight // dom & wnetrze


  1. Kati

    I only knew walled windows from office spaces but I love seeing them in private homes. It just makes every space much bigger and brighter. The only disadvantage, you have to clean up every room and cannot just close the door behind you, leaving the mess inside.


  2. Nan // Simply Elegant

    Oh my gosh all these spaces are beautiful!! I love the idea of bringing windows indoor. I am not sure that I would want it for my bedroom, but I love the idea having a wall of windows in the kitchen like the first two images.

  3. Kate Zucconi

    I love this concept!
    The idea of allowing lots of light to flow through a property with internal glass walls is stunning! Apart from the practical issues (i.e., a love of cleaning vast expanses of glass)!
    I think it works particularly well with metal framed windows!

  4. HRJF

    My husband and I live in a loft with open floor plan. A wall of windows would be perfect way to break up the space and still allow light in….

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