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Inspired By Art :: ‘sky Stairs’

Whenever I see a color combo I love, I stick it away in a little file for future inspiration. Such was the case with this vibrant paint situation in the bedroom belonging to Ronald Bricke

NYSD ronald bricke bedroom aqua and purple

A bit intense, yes, but beautiful all the same. I especially liked the addition of wood and a hint of rusty red. And plenty of white, of course.

Then yesterday, I ran across this vintage serigraph entitled ‘Sky Stairs’ that presented a similar palette… in a much more digestible manner. The intense violet has turned to a subdued shade of lilac, and a hint of green added to neutral grey and cream. I was immediately inspired to create a room around this piece… and here is the result!



1. serigraph by phalen // 2. chandelier // 3. cactus print sofa // 4. rattan woven coffee table // 5. seaglass bottles // 6. blue patchwork rug // 7. green wire side table


Not only am I obsessed with the art piece, but the sofa covered in a fabric by Michelle Morin for Anthropologie is simply amazing. It also comes in a large ottoman, and I’m so tempted to have it as a bench at the foot of my bed, but thankfully for my wallet, I think it’s a bit too big for that.

Not surprisingly, this is very similar to the palette I’m working on for my loft at the moment. The design process has been slow going over here, but well worth taking time on. It makes such a difference to really think through all the pieces I really want and how they’ll all work together. It may be a few more months before it’s all complete, but I’ll be posting some updates very soon!