I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever been asked the question, “If you could have one person design your wedding dress, who would it be?”. My answer includes a few people – the first one being Oscar de la Renta.

So, when bridal fashion week rolls around, you know I’m always keeping my eye out for what my favorite designers are showing on the runways. But, I couldn’t have been more shocked (and pleasantly surprised) to see Mr. de la Renta include an eyelet bikini wedding frock amongst princess worthy gowns during his show…

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ eyelet bralette and skirt_1

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ eyelet bralette and skirt_4

I’m sure there will be a plethora of opinions on the subject, but I have to say, for a hot tropical wedding, I’m willing to be bet there are brides out there who would be much more comfortable walking down the aisle in this ensemble versus a heavy dress…

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ eyelet bralette and skirt_2

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ eyelet bralette and skirt_3

Perhaps sewing in a sheer overlay between the top an bottom would make this a bit more appealing to some? Or, maybe it’s simply the perfect pre or post wedding ensemble for the bride? Either way, I’m loving this more bohemian side of the fashion label – this dress included…

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ bohemian bride

Of course, if push came to shove, I’m sure I’d be going with this stunning train – a classic de la Renta move if I’ve ever seen one.

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ ruffle train

oscar de la renta bridal 2015 _ classic bride ruffle train

The front is a bit boring, but that’s nothing a little embellishment can’t fix. Thoughts? I know you’ve got an opinion on this one…

images :: via oscarprgirl pinterest

7 responses on “OSCAR BRIDAL GOES BOHO?

  1. Splendid Market

    Oh, Oscar, he always keeps things so fresh. I love the eyelet ensemble for the beach wedding, or the after party, so stunning, with a classic edge. The garlands and simple garden bouquets are equally refreshing. Beautiful finds Cassandra.


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