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One Room Inspiration :: Bold In The Bedroom

I have always been drawn to this bedroom belonging to Samantha Knapp. The layers (between pattern, texture and even furniture) feel light and welcoming in true bohemian style, but the layers themselves are – for the  most part – quite classic….

samantha knapp bedroom // color eclectic

On the bed, tartan meets florals and fur. Mod dressers hang with Venetian mirrors and antique tables.

As a designer, I’ve always been challenged by interiors like this, where one too many additions to the mix can send the whole room toppling over into crazy town. This is on the verge – a serious balance between glamorous and boho.

turquoise and red bedroom palette // samantha knapp

70’s lamps are topped with Gucci-esque lampshades. And on top of all that, a vibrant palette of red and blue, punctuated with brown and pink somehow all sort of makes sense…

dramatic windows and mirror vanity // samantha knapp

Squeezing mirrors between windows and tables under tables are all a part of this layered room. She’s even mixed a little lucite over a patterned rug with a dash of rattan. This is fearless decorating.

lucite coffee table + planted shell // samantha knapp

samantha knapp bedroom via lonny mag

Oh, and naturally, there’s a bedroom bar. Of course.

bedroom  bar // samantha knapp

I wanted to take on a ‘get the look’ today that felt more of a challenge to me, and I think I succeeded in pushing myself a bit! What do you think…?

bold eclectic bedroom // coco+kelley

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I rarely use the shades that actually come with the lamps I purchase – so pop the neutral one off this turquoise beauty, and replace it with this coral shade. If you want to get more of a red or orange in there, consider lining the shade with a contrasting ribbon for more interest.

To me the custom drapes make the room here, but for a similar color and pattern, I love this garden stool. I have little tables and stools all over my house and they always seem to come in so handy!

The hardest part of this board was finding just the right pillows. In this secondary palette, the brown helps tie in the heavy antiques and the pink alleviates the intensity of the red. But, there still has to be a bit of red and blue in there. These aren’t perfect, but they’re a good example of how to mix things up. In fact, perfect is kind of against the point here.

So, what do you think? Could you get this eclectic in your home, let alone your bedroom?

images :: via lonny magazine