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Warm It Up :: Yellow + Wood

I've never been a fan of too much wood in a room - I tend to cover up my wood floors (which I still much prefer over carpet) with rugs, and I shy away from too much wood furniture. And paired with yellow? This could get very retro, very quickly.

But lately, I've been seeing the benefits of this pairing when used sparingly and tempered with sophistication...

neutral and wood with a bit of yellow living room

I've seriously been considering adding a punch of this bold, sunny color in my home - likely in the form of an upholstered bench or chair - and mixing it with a few earthy, worn wood pieces, which is how I like it best.


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There's so much warmth in this combination, and I like the nod to a more bohemian, west coast feel too. It goes right along with the March Moodboard I did, don't you think? Obviously my brain and design sensibilities are craving sunshine!

images :: nicky kehoe // julianne moore in domino mag