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Room Of The Week :: 3.20

This week’s Room of the Week is one of my all-time favorites for many reasons, the main one being that this entire home is completely unexpected…

steven harris living room_1

From the outside, the construction of this upstate New York retreat looks like a modern box barn. For this reason, you might expect the inside to be the same – modern, and maybe a bit cold – and yet this room is completely cozy, even set against the washed pine paneling.

I like that the antique daybed separates this living room space…

steven harris living room_2

From this artist workspace on the opposite end of the staircase. Does any work actually take place here? I certainly hope so. It’s certainly one of the most chic painting lofts I’ve ever seen.

But back to the living room…

steven harris living room_4

When you get a closer look at it, the setup is really quite simple. There is just the right touch of modernism, but the sofa looks perfectly acceptable to flop down on and relax. The palette also happens to be one of my favorites. I wouldn’t mind a bit more pattern in the rug, even if it were just tone-on-tone.

Here it is styled for the feature in Elle Decor…

steven harris living room_3

A little bit different with a soft ottoman as the coffetable and – you’ll see in the first photo – the chairs have been moved around to be symmetrical. Personally, I prefer the more casual version!

Bonus room: this dining area.

steven harris dining room

I have major dreams of a home that opens up on both sides like this so you feel like you’re dining al fresco!

You can see more of the home that belongs to Stephen Harris (the architect) and Lucien Rees Roberts (the designer) on their respective sites. It’s really such an interesting gem! What do you think of the living room? Would you change anything?

images :: elle decor // rees roberts