Continuing on yesterday’s obsession with modern design, I bring you a space that is … and isn’t.

eric yerno black-and-white-madrid-apartment-03

The stunning Spanish tiles in this home make the space. But that sofa is a pretty close second. The antique design done in black leather is such a gorgeous contrast of new and old that I dare say it’s downright genius – the piece epitomizes what this room is all about…

eric yerno black-and-white-madrid-apartment-01

Some very mod pieces mingling with antiques and of course old architectural details make for a super interesting living room. I’m not sure I appreciate that every seating surface is black leather, but the unity of color helps the space from feeling too busy.

eric yerno black-and-white-madrid-apartment-02

images :: pablo zuloaga for AD Spain via sukio

10 responses on “ROOM OF THE WEEK :: 11.8

  1. Chichi Furniture

    A very stylish room, although I agree that maybe an all white rug may add a touch of warmth, the floor is amazing but a tad cold for a lounge. I don’t mind that all the seating is black as there’s enough gold/yellow to lift the colour and it looks consistent and chic, it may look a bit busy if another colour was thrown in.


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