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Tommy Mitchell :: Gilded Flora

A few weeks back I featured a little vignette from the home of the elegant Deeda Blair, and one things I noted, that I didn’t point out in that post, were these beautiful ceramic florals that she had throughout her home…

deeda blair home deeda blair flowers

Perched on windowsills, tables, and decorative moments throughout the space, I loved the soft and almost surreal touch they brought – as if preserving a moment in time.

So, when I stumbled across the designs of Tommy Mitchell during my visit to High Point two weeks ago, I was immediately drawn to his pieces.

tommy mitchell metal flowers

Based in metal – some of them painted and some gilded – his florals caught my eye first, but it was the tables that I really died over.

tommy mitchell butterfly table

tommy mitchell butterfly table_2

Filled with gilded butterflies, feathers, or flora, I can’t even imagine setting a drink down on this gorgeous piece, it’s so much a work of art! And speaking of art…

tommy mitchell large flowers acrylic display

If the potted plants aren’t your style, these should be. The same florals, mounted on linen and hung in acrylic boxes are perfect mix of classic meets modern glamour.

tommy mitchell metal flowers in acrylic display art

tommy mitchell gilded metal flowers art

Photographing in these booths is never quite as good as the product shot – you have to see the entire line to get a sense for how these beauties shine in real life! And speaking of shine … (I’m on a roll)… 

tommy mitchell lighting

The latest introduction this market was the lighting! These aren’t up on the site yet, but I’m sure they will be soon.

Which of these gorgeous pieces would you be adding to your home? I’d take a trio of the gilded metal flowers on linen, and one potted plant please.

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