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Room Of The Week :: 10.10

When it comes to styling, I get pretty obsessed over details and layers. This week, I’ve been working on styling up my own house for an upcoming shoot, and looking for inspiration in the process, which is how I ended up rediscovering one of my absolute favorite rooms ever…

boho styled living room lonny magazine


vintage boho living dining area lonny mag


See, here’s the thing. It’s easy to style a pretty polished room. It’s much harder to have an eclectic, layered space (like this one) turn out looking fresh without being visually overwhelming. The cohesive color scheme of black white and green in the living area is a big part of why it works.

The wallpaper in the kitchen being a smaller print means that the rest of the patterns should be large scale so as not to compete. And, there’s not a ton of clutter – too many small objects would have been incredibly distracting when there’s already so much to see.

boho styled living room lonny magazine_2

boho styled living room lonny magazine_3

I just love all the black trim everywhere. The repetition of those linear movements in the rug, on the pillows and in the window treatments is pretty fabulous. While there are certainly areas where some things could probably be taken away, overall I really love this space for it’s personality and bohemian vibe!

images :: lonny magazine