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Behind The Tastemaker :: Erica Tanov

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Tastemaker Tag Sales that go on at One King’s Lane. I myself have been lucky enough to participate in them in the past with several other bloggers! I always love seeing what designers decide to curate for them, as I think it says so much about their own style.

Usually the Tastemakers are interior designers, but lately OKL has been branching out and I was super excited to hear about the current sale going on with Erica Tanov – her eye is so intriguing to me, as we both have an aesthetic that cross over from fashion to home, so we teamed up with One Kings Lane to give you an exclusive interview with her about the sale and show off some of the stunning items she procured…


1. What are your 5 favorite pieces in the sale, and the stories behind them?

Only 5 ?  Uh oh…

1. The framed Victorian decoupage piece.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It is so beautiful and a bit creepy.

2. The set of four leather/ticking-seated chairs.  I bought them years ago with plans to refurbish them, but love the worn leather with the ticking showing through so much I left them as is.  They do need to be restored to make them sturdy enough for everyday use, but will be well worth the effort and cost.

3. Set of silver knives with ebony handles.  I bought these at a fleamarket in Paris.  I actually bought a set of 18 but have kept the ones with cracked wood handles and am selling the ones in the best condition.

4. Hanging lamp of woven nylon strings.  Did I mention I love lamps/light fixtures?  Whenever I see one I like at a flea market, estate sale or vintage shop I have to buy it–whether I have a need for it or not.  This one casts the most beautiful shadows.  I bought this at a shop down the street from my studio with my sister in mind, but it didn’t work for her space.

5. The White Pigskin Trunk.  I love how worn it is–full of history–then the surprise of the vibrant blue silk interior.


2. Did you always have an eye for home decor, or was is built slowly through your love of design and fashion in general? How do you relate the two together? 

I have always loved home decor–dating back to decorating my dollhouse when I was a little girl and still selecting wallpaper for it into junior high!  I have always loved creating beautiful and comfortable spaces.  For me, fashion and interiors are closely related.  I decorate my home similarly to how I design clothing.  I love working with high quality, luxurious materials yet creating pieces that are to be worn everyday, even casually–not to be put away for a special occasion.  I believe it’s better to use or wear something with the chance it may break or snag rather than tuck it away out of sight.  Life is too short to not be surrounded by beauty.


3. What does your own home look like? How would you describe the aesthetic, and what parts might come as a surprise to those who know you from a fashion perspective?  

My home is pretty eclectic yet somehow cohesive–a culmination of everything I love from layers of ethnic textiles & rugs, artwork by family and friends, family heirlooms to some mid-century pieces.  It’s full of cherished items yet has room to breathe.  Definitely relaxed and informal. I don’t think anyone would be surprised.  My home pretty much reflects how I design and dress.  I sometimes describe my style–both in my home and how I dress–as ‘refined hippie’.


 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

4. When I did my sale for OKL there were a few pieces I REALLY didn’t want to part with. Anything you decided to keep at the last minute for yourself? Or anything you’re super sad to see go? 

Yes, I bought a cool 70’s standing lamp (very Halston) specifically for the OKL sale, but then had to keep it.  I’m obsessed with lamps–hanging and standing.  Maybe it will appear at my next sale! I will be sad to see the mid-century canisters go.  They are so simple and so beautiful.  I wanted to keep them, but they just don’t work in my kitchen right now!  I know I’ll kick myself for letting them go if I ever redo my kitchen.

Thank you Erica for sharing your thoughts on design and decor, and the stories behind your selects as a Tastemaker! Erica’s Tastemaker Tag Sale is going on now, so get shopping!