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Room Of The Week :: 9.5

Seeing as we’re covering so much fashion here in the next week, it only seemed appropriate that this week’s room have a fashionable twist to it…

tabitha simmons vogue3

Enter the living room of stylist and shoe designer Tabitha Simmons. If this room was butterfly overload, and this one a bit too far fetched, then Tabitha’s living room might just be the perfect compromise.

I love the bold, singluar butterfly that adds that unexpected element to the room, and the attention to detail in its accessories. Each piece in here looks so carefully selected, and yet it still remains inviting with the little curiosities scattered throughout. Check out the detail of these stunning mirrors that hang not only in the living room, but also the bedroom…

tabitha simmons vogue 5

tabitha simmons vogue

There is a perfect level of comfort going on here – in my opinion. Sophistication and glamour abound, no doubt, but simplicity and accessibility as well. ‘Playfully chic’ is what they called it in the Vogue article featuring her beautiful home in Chelsea. Which is just my style.

tabitha simmons vogue2

Tabitha seems to exude that same feeling herself, as does her overflowing shoe collection which no doubt features a few of her own design…

tabitha simmons vogue4

If only!!