Apologies for the late post today, loves. I’ve been running around New York this morning, swooning over some major sightings at Fashion Week. (Anna, Grace, Giovanna… but Bill Cunningham may have stolen my heart!). More on that soon, but for now, let’s get back to my first love. Details, details! A few of my current favorite ideas for the house…

coco+kelley in the details custom corner chair

I’m pretty much crazy about this corner settee. For some time now, I’ve been convinced I need a banquette in my dining room, but when I saw this, I immediately rethought that idea. I’m guessing this is a custom piece (or perhaps antique?) as I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece like this. Have you? I love all the personality in that little corner.

coco+kelley in the details hat lights


We all know how much I love little touches of whimsy. Sometimes, they get a little kitchy, and this is borderline for me, but I think it’s so unexpected and fun, I couldn’t help posting it. Cover those bare bulbs with a vintage hat! I’m sure there are steps you’d have to take to make sure the things don’t catch on fire, but how fun! Perfect for a guest bathroom that won’t be used as much – it’s almost more like an installation.

coco+kelley in the details floating art wall

And speaking of installations – how about this art wall!? I feel like this could be a fairly simple DIY – despite its large scale. A great way to divvy up a studio apartment or a overly large room.

images :: megan morton in vogue living // the design files // style me pretty


  1. Jessica Christian

    The idea for room divider art wall is just too Kool! I mean this is like utility plus creativity. It is a dual edged sword :p … I have quite a spacious room at home which I dont know how to be taking advantage of.
    This room divider art wall is a sure must have!! I am going to be trying it out very soon.
    Thanks for sharing this. PS the hanging hats are also very exotic and creative <3
    Jessica x

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