Believe it or not, I rarely take fashion tips from Anna Dello Russo. Her over-the-top style is one few of us can pull off, let alone aspire to. But when I saw her glamorous take on grunge during fashion week, I couldn’t help but take note…

NYFW-stree-style-anna della russo- giovanna-grunge

Earlier that week, I had purchased a red rose patterned top so similar to this fabric that I was immediately inspired to pair it with my favorite moto boots and flannel accessories. What I love about the style is that, while it certainly takes its cue from the grunge era, it’s updated (as it should be) for a modern woman who wants to still feel feminine or glamorous.

A few weeks prior to that, I had also bookmarked the image below. I loved the idea of pairing the flannel from my jr. high days with a metallic or embellished skirt. Add some classic accessories, and ladylike silhouettes, and suddenly that flannel has a whole new life ahead of it.

grunge meets glam street style harpers bazaar

As a Seattle girl, I sometimes cringe when I say where I’m from, and the immediate response is still, “oh, cool, grunge.” (Really people? That was so 1992.) But now, I’m embracing it head on and making it my own again. So I put together a little shopping list of grunge-inspired updates that will be making their way into my fall wardrobe…

the new grunge look outfitting coco+kelley

shop :: 1. flannel button-up // 2. floral blouse // 3. alexander wang bag (want want want) // 4. madewell clutch // 5. jonathan adler clutch // 6. gold skirt // 7. black leather skirt // 8. studded moto boots // 9. converse // 10. plaid pumps

4 responses on “GOING GRUNGE!

  1. Linh of {Forever Darlinh}

    Not sure if I could pull off a look this extreme, but I love the combo of tomboy meets a bit of femininity. Really, it’s all about comfort and style and I would definitely pair your plaid top to that leather skirt and studded boots during the day and switch it out the pumps for a night time look. Great selection!

  2. beckie clark

    I love grunge but I am also from Seattle and had a huge crush on Kurt Cobain. Sigh. I love this refined, feminine version of the sloppiness that was the 90’s. I will not, however get back on board with Doc Martin boots–so unflattering. Or overalls. But I love me some flannel and floral prints.

  3. Emily

    I love this new take on grunge. I like that it is a little bit girlier than ’90s grunge and is the ultimate in dressing down fancier pieces. I will 100% be embracing this trend I think. It isn’t too far from my style as is.


  4. Driely S.

    Hi there,

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    Driely S.


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