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Street Smarts :: The Wishlist

You guys. It’s mid-August. Where the heck did summer go? I had visions of myself attending parties in maxi skirts and midriff tops, mirrored sunnies and bright strappy sandals. As it turns out, the most fashion action I got all summer was a brief trip to NYC that required about two days of serious summer outfitting, and the rest I’ve pretty much given up to jeans and t’s.

So, here’s a post to honor the outfits I wish I had worn this summer…


If I had it, I’d be wearing it. Loving these architectural angles that feel really quite vintage. The perfect mix of flirty and sharp. And, that sailboat skirt is an instant iconic fashion moment, in my opinion. (If we had those anymore…)


While I’ve bravely rocked the white on white this summer, I haven’t risked the sheer skirt option yet. The one on the left seems a bit more realistic… the right? I think I’d have to be European or a supermodel (or both) to pull that one off. Still – it’s always hot to show off that summer tan with some lacy (and racy?) whites.


Lucky for those of us who have been slow on this trend, I have a feeling it will be sticking around. Still, it’s a bit less overwhelming when you can pull it off in the summer – with some skin to break things up. Come fall the print-on-print layers will be heavier…and more of a challenge.


I’m vowing to wear my latest purchase – a boxy cropped top – with a big skirt this weekend. It may be the closest I get to any outfit on here – who’s with me? Let’s all make a promise to rock our favorite summer looks this week. If you’ve got ’em, don ’em ladies. There aren’t many sunny summer days left!

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