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Room Of The Week :: 8.8

I’ve been wanting to share this room for a while now, and finally took the time to download the latest issue of Living Etc just so I could get my hands on some proper images! The home – belonging to the creative and fabulous Fiona Leahy – boasts some interesting details, but my favorite has to be this managerie of brass elements…

fiona leahy brass dining room living etc via coco+kelley

I don’t know if all of these table toppers live here permanently, but the brass on brass action is pretty stunning and – surprisingly – not too overwhelming. I think the simple, thin lines of the table and chairs help keep things from feeling too crazy, while a backdrop of all white and very little pattern certainly lends a hand as well. I could see a rug in this space to soften things up a bit, but other than that, it’s pretty much a perfect display of modern glamour.

And for the record… I also want her bedroom.

fiona leahy bedroom living etc via coco+kelley

She’s obviously got a thing for metal sculpture, and a no-rules kind of aesthetic. Personally I’d swap out that mirrored piece for something a little worn and warm (an antique wood table perhaps?) but again, overall am loving the combination of elements going on here. Especially those pillows!

I also couldn’t leave out this lovely loungy space that separates itself from the rest of the room with floating bookshelves…

fiona leahy livingetc via coco+kelley

The vases on top just pop up there! I think I’d make a big long window seat for some cozy moments curling up with all those books, but I love how she kept things really open and light. It’s like a modern take on a library without having to devote a whole room to one. Just a little room for reading…

images :: living etc august issue