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Room Of The Week :: 8.23

My head has been spinning the past few days with all the things I have to do before I leave for NYC for two weeks on Wednesday, so needless to say I’ve been crashing hardcore every night. Maybe that’s why this week’s room just had to be a bedroom….

mark d. sikes white bedroom

More specifically, this bedroom. It’s one of my favorites – from one of my all-time favorite homes designed by Mark D. Sikes and Michael Griffin. I love that you barely notice that the walls are painted black, there’s so much light in here, and yet it adds so much to the room. The layers of textiles everywhere, however, are what really do it for me. So many blankets and pillows, topped by that gorgeous suspended canopy.

For a gal who needs her bedroom to feel calming and interesting at the same time, this is the perfect mix. Complete with sunny balcony, and plenty of white white white.

image :: lonny magazine

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