Sometimes it takes quite a bit of digging through my files to find a worthy Room of the Week. Last night I spent hours diving into new blogs and sites, seeking new inspiration and spaces that I haven’t seen on the pages of Pinterest a million times already. Then, I came across this dining room that has been in my files for quite some time…

MR Architecture // modern dining room

I originally loved this room for one major reason – the mix of textures. The soft paneling of curtains framing most of the space, combined with natural wood, creates this zen-like atmosphere, and then you get this colorful, sharp crazy sculpture that just throws in a total surprise element. Awesome. But the rug is really potentially my favorite part. It’s like a modern take on the Moroccan wedding blanket with its tufts rising out of the flat weave, but in a much more architectural way.

So, last night I did some investigating and found images of the rest of the space…

MR Architecture // neutral modern glam living room MR Architecture // grand piano vignette

And there was that gorgeous rug again! The use of texture and materials in this room is similar to the dining room. Much more clean and modern than I usually go for, the curtains and rug soften things up just enough for me to feel at ease in this space. The use of chocolate brown (instead of black) also lends some warmth to all those clean lines. And how could you not adore a furry ottoman, floor to ceiling chandelier and a baby grand? That vignette alone is deserving of the Room of the Week title!

What do you think? Could you feel at ease in this space? Forget about practicality and think about what it does for you on an inspiration level. Personally, I think it would be rather divine for entertaining…

images :: design by david mann // mr architecture for house & garden

9 responses on “ROOM OF THE WEEK :: 8.15

  1. Nathalie

    The balance between the very sheer curtain and the textured rug is really great. Do you know where the rug is from? Also, sort of curious to know what city this home is in…Anyway, I approve! Great room!!

  2. Deborah Zultowski

    It is a beautiful space. I do suppose the only person thinking about practicality would be the one who has to vacuum that rug!

  3. The Office Stylist

    I love the rug! And the lacquered floor under the piano!? What a great combination of materials!

    –Sayeh, The Office Stylist


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