This weekend will be one the first I have at home in quite some time – lately I’ve been hopping cities and hosting visitors (more of which arrive next week!), so to have a whole two days to myself is sounding pretty amazing at the moment… although obviously way too short. Which is why I’m planning on cutting out of the office early today to enjoy my Friday afternoon as well…

david easton eclectic patio

It’s funny – I was having a conversation the other day about how at this stage in life my younger sis and I are always off doing our own thing, and my parents doing theirs. We don’t have kids to tote over to the grandparents, or excuses to go on family vacations together, and I kind of miss that idea of having set time in the summer to spend with each other. We do, however, usually enjoy weekly dinners together, and this Sunday we’ll be celebrating my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary….

dinner party via once wed

I’ve learned so much from watching my mom and dad over the years. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how much they’ve taught us about relationships and family and hard work and love.I can’t wait to hang out on their back patio this weekend, and celebrate them with family and friends.  Cheers to them – to sticking through the hard times, and celebrating the best in each other.

Have a happy little weekend, all…

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  1. Rebecca Reynolds

    Just had to share. I scooped up a vintage rattan sofa identical to the David Easton room many years ago at an auction here in CT. for $25.00. True story. I happened to have seen a little tag hanging on it but apparently no one but moi knew it was included in the auction so when it came up for bid they started at $25. I raised my hand and it was SOLD before anyone else even knew what item the auctioneer was referring to. It even has the original cushions with the old springs with a faded orange with banana leaf design on it it. I’ve been waiting to buy the perfect Cape Cod cottage to do something fabulous with it as I can’t get it into my current house without alot of finagling.


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