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Room Of The Week 7.25

Many of you die-hard Domino fans will remember the home of Chassie Post. Who knows how many times it’s been photographed since then? I don’t know and I don’t care. What I do know is that every time I see it, my heart goes all a’flutter!

chassie post butterfly wallpaper dining room living etc

This time around, Miss Chassie has landed the cover of Living Etc, and I was excited to see her space again from some new angles – especially the dining room! I love that when she wallpapered the home, she went all out. And when I say all out, I mean, even the kitchen (check out the ceiling!)

chassie post kitchen living etc

chassie post living etc

 The space feels open and grand with all that high-gloss finish reflecting the natural light. But, I think the part I love most about this space is that while it feels like it’s bursting with color, it’s really not that much. It’s those little splashes in the wallpaper, combined with the paint, the sofa, and a bit of artwork that all lend to this illusion. And I love it – it’s the perfect dose for me.

chassie post butterfly living etc

I had to add this shot of the living room in here because it shows a softer side of the space (see what a difference lighting and photo editing can make!?) If it’s possible for this room to be moody, here it is.

chassie post in her living room

Chassie, if you ever move, just let me know. I think my pieces would be very happy in your place.

images via living etc // chassie post