I’ve been lucky enough this summer to be making quite a few weekend getaways to wine country… and consequentially my wine cellar (and I use that term loosely) has been getting quite full. I’m not complaining.

Last weekend I finally had the excuse to head to Lake Chelan with some of my closest girlfriends for a little bachelorette weekend in the sunshine! The last time I visited this area was in high school, and lemme tell ya – there sure weren’t any wineries back then. But now? We couldn’t even get to them all!

lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_1 lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_2

The five of us gals drove the few hours from Seattle to shack up together at Grandview on the Lake – it felt like a big slumber party with all of us in a tiny suite, but the big patio directly off our door made up for it. Plus the kitchen allowed us to have a quiet first night in to cook and relax!

The next morning we were off and tasting!

lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_3

Bachelorette party tip: when you’re in your 30’s the most embarrassing thing you should have to do at your own bachelorette is climb into a boat with pink oars to pose for a photo at a winery called Hard Row to Hoe. (And yes, there’s a great story behind that name!)

lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_4

We went home with a bottle of their Pinot Gris for laying in the sun with later!

The vine-lined drive up to Four Lakes Winery was next, and it’s worth a trip just for the view! It – of course – looks over all four lakes in the region.

lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_5

lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_6.1

lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_6.2

We could have enjoyed that patio all day long! Our palates however, we ready to keep moving on, so I bought a bottle of their Cabernet Sauvignon and we hit the road again.

It was time for a bite to eat with our vino, so we headed to Vin du Lac for some time on their patio, and a delicious lunch to match their amazing lineup of wines!

lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_8

Erin (miss Apartment34) approved of the setting big time. So did I. This may have been my favorite stop of the day – their rosé and savignon blanc were both delicious in the heat, and everyone there was so friendly. Have I mentioned that pretty much every one of these wineries comes with a gorgeous lake view?

lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_9

After a very quick pop-in to Karma for some bubbly, we headed to Nafarious Cellars which wins another star in my book for both their wines and setting…

lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_10

Sipping their Viogner (which I took home a bottle of) on this sunny patio was pure heaven and the perfect way to end our day!

lake chelan wine weekend coco+kelley_11

Just when we were wrapping up, our amazing driver, Kelly at Lakeside Limos, helped us sneak into one more spot – Blue Spirits Distilling. I was so distracted by the rows of whisky and vodka that I didn’t even take any photos, but trust me when I say it’s a must if you find yourself in the area.

We finished the evening with a big dinner and a gorgeous sunset…

lake chelan sunset coco+kelley

huge thanks to all who hosted us this weekend! It was the perfect, relaxed and easy setting for our little girls getaway, an many memories were made.


  1. Ursula

    What a great trip! The photos you posted are really beautiful!
    I was at Chelan about a month ago with my family
    And 2 other families. Anyway, I wanted to bentolin that the same
    Developers that built ” Seabrook” in WA are building a new community
    Called” the lookout” It just looks amazing!


  2. Jeff Soehren

    Come back soon! the Summer is long and Fall is spectacular, and several new spirits will come on board in September……
    Thank you,
    Jeff and Heidi

  3. Keli Edwards

    What a GREAT article Cassandra! You were a FUN group of Girls!! Glad you had such a memorable experience 😉 Keli – Lakeside Limousine

  4. Alisha

    Hi! I am planning my friend’s bachelorette party in Lake Chelan as well and is thinking of utilizing that limo company. Did you choose the Gold package or the Wild Women Wine Tour? Thanks!


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