Recently, I’ve been daydreaming a bit about relocating…  and I’m quite aware that along with that will likely come a smaller apartment! So, whenever I come across studios that are making a good use of space, I try and tuck them away for future reference – and this one definitely made the inspiration file…

white studio alcove nook bed // swedish interiors

white studio alcove bed nook // swedish interiors

Granted, the actual space is fairly large, and most layouts aren’t really equipped for this, but maybe I’ll get lucky. I love that the bed gets its own perfect little nook – perhaps it was a closet at one point? More importantly I love that there are curtains there to close it off and provide privacy… or an excuse to not make the bed every day.

white studio alcove bed nook // swedish interiors

white studio alcove bed nook // swedish interiors

The window is an especially nice touch, allowing a little natural light into the bed area, but also making it truly feel like its own space. And in case you were wondering…

white studio alcove bed nook // swedish interiors

Yes, there’s even room for a closet!

images :: via stadshem

17 responses on “ROOM OF THE WEEK :: 6.27

  1. Ali

    WOW! I live in a studio downtown in a major city and this is huge compared to what I am used to for space. I have 475 sq. feet, but its gorgeous!

  2. Rebecca Reynolds

    Kelly, After almost 40 years in CT. I too am looking to relocate and will be “downsizing” a bit, but community and a sense of place and just loving where you live is sooo much more important than a BIG pad. As designers its hard because we’re always picking up just one more piece and before you know it…. too much “stuff” Good luck. WOuld love to know where you’re considering. I’m narrowed down to about 6 places. Good luck

  3. beth

    this is amazing apartment inspiration. as always, your posts are the most relevant and beautiful around!! xoxo


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