There are so many things to love about weddings – two of my favorites are the chance to wear fancy shoes, and the dancing! Unfortunately these things don’t always go hand-in-hand. Many a high heel has been abandoned by the side of the dance floor kicked off by a dancing guests aching feet. So, why not opt for flats!? Pick a fancy pair and you might make a bigger statement than your black pumps ever could!

Here are a few ideas for swapping out your heels for a chic little pair of flats…

shop:: black – pump // flat, brown – pump // flat, green – pump // flat

And even more fancy flats to keep your toes tapping all night long…

shop :: 1. teal bows // 2. dressed up jellie // 3. bold moves // 4. golden glam // 5. sweet and scalloped // 6. laser cut green

image :: pinterest upload by christine mazzeo

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