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The Breakfast Bench

I’ve always been a fan of the breakfast nook – a perfect casual spot to post up in the morning with coffee and a laptop, and I hope that someday I’ll have one. But lately, I’ve also been loving this idea…

brooklyn row house kitchen via nytimes malmö kitchen with leather bench

Just a simple little bench seat to cozy into on a Sunday morning while someone’s making me pancakes… Can we call it the breakfast bench?

I like how the dining tables in both spaces could be used for prep areas, too. Since it seems that everyone always loves to congregate in a kitchen during parties, an option like this – where you have a table and an extra bench to seat guests on – makes so much sense.

Not to mention it’s perfectly useful for those of us without huge kitchens who can’t even squeeze in an extra dining area. You know how there was this whole fad where people put in mini-desks into their kitchen? I’d much rather see one of these there instead – wouldn’t you?

*images :: ny times (i’m obsessed with this house, btw) // planete deco