Today, my friends, you’re getting a little two-for-one action on coco+kelley because this house tour contains some amazing details that I just couldn’t help pointing out…

I’m sure you’ve seen at least one or two of these images before (maybe even here). I know I had. But before I stumbled upon a site that had the entire home featured, I never realized that all of these amazing spaces were indeed one house. Which, quite honestly, blew my mind.



The details begin right in the entryway, and go on throughout the home – like the whimsy of this stunning hardware. This space sets the tone for the rest of the house perfectly, actually – the combination of antique lighting, a modern table, and a luxe touch of brass says it all.


These striped sofas have captivated me before with their exposed backs (not to mention the sweet side tables), but what you don’t realize in this photo…


Are the details like the crystals hanging within the chandelier. The touches of green and smokey brown add something special to the piece, and compliment the room so nicely! I think I need to start collecting chandelier baubles and putting old ones back together with mixed colors.


I’m sure you all know this image – it’s practically iconic at this point – but can I just point out the two little chairs for a second? Upholstered in the same fabric but differently – one quilted and one tufted – they make for a nice subtle detail. And then there’s the kitchen…



I’d die for such a space! The skylight and french doors combined must bring in so much natural light year-round. Not to mention all the gorgeous marble and brass detail here. I like the choice of industrial lighting in this area as well.

Let’s get back to some more detail, shall we?


Quite possibly my favorite part of this home – a high gloss, hot pink wet bar tucked behind a folding door. Hello, amazing! But what’s even better is how this color is placed in a few areas throughout the home. Remember the artwork above the fireplace? There’s that. And then there’s this…



A hot pink skylight in the shower? Why not? And to top it all off, what might be my most favorite wallpaper in the world belongs in one of the other baths…

It’s so rare for me to appreciate an entire home this way, I couldn’t  help but share the entire thing with you. And now, of course, to get the look for your own home…

coco+kelley get the look modern classic

shop :: chandelier // striped settee // lillian august artwork // industrial sconce // dining table // tolix chair // louis mirror // fornasetti wallpaper

source :: design by harriet anstruther // images (and more of the home) via here


  1. Beth Pearlman

    You are right, what is the chance to adore every single room and detail in a space? This place is off the charts and I would love to be invited to a dinner party to meet the homeowner/homeowners. You just know that they are soo cool. Seriously, did you happen to notice the fab shoes in the pic of the bathtub? Thanks for sharing. Although, I will never look at my home quite in the same way ever again. Ha! Beth

  2. Juliane at Modern Mural

    Love the door handle. I’m so glad you pointed it out! I’ve never seen anything so perfect. It’s like shaking someone’s hand every time you go through. All the gold details are spot on, especially in the kitchen. So warm and beautiful..

  3. glamour drops

    It is a stunning home…but, with apologies for nitpicking, it would be nice if you added the designer’s name (Harriet Anstruther)….to give her her fair credit…

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      you’re absolutely right – i apologize for not providing it in the credits. i linked to the images page and completely forgot to recognize the designer (although her name is attached to every image).

  4. Elizabeth // The Now

    OMG I can’t….I’ve seen the art/ mantle picture, but hadn’t seen most of the other images. It’s so fresh and bright. I’d love just a pop of color like in that kitchen. Ugh I need to pin every image!!!! Thanks for sharing.


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