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Weekend Getaway :: Yakima Valley Part Two!

I know, I know. You’re all dying to see what the teepees were like, right? Well, the second night of our little Yakima weekend getaway was definitely my favorite, so let me tell ya all about it…

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When we arrived at Cherry Wood Bed Breakfast & Barn, we were greeted by a crew of friendly dogs and talkative chickens, and the sweet Innkeeper, Pepper Fewel. I’m such an animal person, I instantly loved this little taste of life on a working farm. And  yes, the teepees were just as awesome as you’d expect.

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coco+kelley yakima valley trip_10This is about as campy as I’ll get, and I have to say it was pretty fantastic. They even have an extra bed made up for your pups if you want to bring them (and an outdoor kennel area for when you leave for the day). The layers of blankets on the bed made things extra cozy at night, as did the fire pit (they give you a little s’mores kit to enjoy the full experience!).

coco+kelley yakima valley trip_11Not a bad view, right? Once we settled in, it was time to saddle up!

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coco+kelley yakima valley trip_14_I didn’t really know what to expect with this whole horseback wine tour, but it was so fun. Being on the horses between wineries probably helped us pace ourselves a bit more than we would have otherwise, too.

coco+kelley yakima valley trip_17All in all, we hit up three wineries in a few hours, but our favorite was Cultura where we stopped for lunch. Oh, and bought four bottles. Whoops. The 2009 Cab Franc was a fave for both of us!

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coco+kelley yakima valley trip_14The other stops along the way included Paradiso del Sol where they have a unique take on tasting that includes small food pairings which was fun, and Agate Field which is just around the corner from Cherry Wood Barn.

After all that excitement, it was time for a little relaxation, so we decided to head to the outdoor baths…!!!

coco+kelley yakima valley trip_18_ coco+kelley yakima valley trip_18This was a first for me. If you’ve never soaked in a tub under the clouds (or stars!) you’re missing out. It was a great way to clean off the dust of the day before heading to downtown Yakima for a quiet dinner.

coco+kelley yakima valley trip_23A huge thank you to all our hosts for the weekend!! I had such a relaxing time getting out of the city. Until this, I really had no idea how easy it was to pop over the mountains and be in wine country in a matter of a few hours. Now that I know… these wineries better start stocking up! I have no doubt I’ll be back again soon!

photography :: cassandra lavalle for coco+kelley