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Roundup :: Outdoor Dining Chairs

I’ve been getting pretty excited these days about sunny days and outdoor entertaining. Since I don’t have a backyard of my own, I’m usually the one commandeering other’s porches, patios and decks during the summer to host BBQ’s and late evening dinners,  but this year I’m hoping we’ll get to host a few soirees in the new office, whose large windows swing wide open to let in the sunshine…

Which has me thinking… perhaps our large project table should be sporting some colorful outdoor chairs to get things in the mood…?

mixofchairs.ngoc minh ngo

I like the idea of mixing things up a bit – keeping the palette or style the same, but each of us finding our favorite chair…

coco+kelley outdoor metal mesh chair roundup

With the selection out there, it may be hard to pick just one! (My two favorites are #1 and #4). Which would one would you opt for?

And speaking of the great outdoors – I’m guesting over on MyHabit’s blog theFIX today with some outdoor decorating ideas, so c’mon over for some inspiration!

shop : 1. ethel chair // 2. cadiz chair // 3. hot mesh chair // 4. emu ivy chair // 5. lucy chair // 6. bend chair // 7. leaf chair

inspiration images : ngoc minh ngo // bertoia chair