The Weekend… Extended.

We’ve all had those weekends – you know – the ones that you just don’t want to end? Well, the last few days have placed me firmly in that state where I’m wishing the lazy sunshine could extend into Monday, and I could just bury myself in bed for the day…

jenny dyer garden bedroom

Saturday found me rushing from a baby shower to a birthday party, feeling blessed by friends who I don’t get to see nearly enough, and sunshine resting on my shoulders. Giddy with champagne bubbles and cherry blossoms bursting from the trees, the energy this weekend in my beautiful city had me buzzing.

On Sunday, I decided to take full advantage of the weather, trading in emails and to-do lists for reading by the lake, and a quiet Easter dinner with my family.

it's all ok // coffee

This morning, everything is feeling good. Refreshed. New. And a bit overwhelming. It’s amazing what a weekend without work can do to revitalize the spirit a bit! But, I’m not quite ready for it to end. The beginning of spring – and a new month – has me craving a personal day. My head is spinning with ideas and emotions, and I need some time to refocus on the months ahead that are going to be quite busy for me.

So, I’m exercising my rights as my own boss and granting an extension of the weekend. (If I ever complain about being a small business, just remind me of things like this!) Because, even bloggers get to call in ‘sick’ every once in a while.

Now… I’m making myself a latte, and digging into some projects! Happy Monday, all.  And watch out for those April Fool’s jokes! I’ll be back tomorrow!

*images via unknown //  linda lundgren