It’s the first day of Spring, but I’m already craving summer. (Heck, I’d settle for sunshine at this point – I know you east coast readers feel me!) But, since the weather isn’t cooperating, why don’t we all just take a little virtual trip to the beach instead…

marco bezzoli sanchia south africa beach house 6

When I visited South Africa (which feels like years away now!) we drove up the coast through all these awesome little beach communities, and I couldn’t help thinking that the next time I go, I’d love to rent a house, and spend at least a few days living life by the sea…

marco bezzoli sanchia south africa beach house 3

marco bezzoli sanchia south africa beach house

Well, it turns out, I totally can. Because this airy, light-filled beach house? It just happens to be in Dwarskersbos – an area north of Capetown. And… you can rent it. Hello heaven!


Filled with tons of white, minimalist furnishings, and just the right dose of personality, I am completely in love.

marco bezzoli sanchia south africa beach house 2

marco bezzoli sanchia south africa beach house 7

Hey, genius wine storage idea. And the simplicity of the kitchen is as refreshing as the rest of the home…

marco bezzoli sanchia south africa beach house 8

marco bezzoli sanchia south africa beach house 5

Oh, yeah. And then there’s this. Not to shabby, right? I’m ready to pack my bags again!

*images via casa sanchia

16 responses on “TO THE BEACH…

  1. Chelsea

    Ah, you now have me just itching to go to the beach. I have only been in Seattle two weeks and though I kinda love it, I do miss a little sunshine. About to go scour your archives for Seattle advice! xo

  2. Richelle from Lynn & Lou

    Oh my, that house looks like heaven itself! It looks so remote and private there, which is perfect. I can’t stand crowded beaches and bikinis on people who really shouldn’t wear them. hehe. What a beautiful vacations spot. I would love to travel to South Africa someday. I think I have my husband convinced to travel to Africa, at least someday. Sigh.

  3. michelle

    Yes please. What is it about the beach that makes everything wonderful? Hair is better, skin is better, brain is better…especially at a place like that.


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