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Ship Shape

For the first time in a while, this weekend found me not only waking up to sunshine, but having a bit of time to enjoy it as well! Saturday, I blew off what should have been an afternoon of emails to wander around the city a bit, treating myself to tulips at the farmer’s market and a walk along the waterfront. As I drove home along the lake, I couldn’t help but have a sudden ache to be out sailing…

sailing vacation coco+kelley

Even the slightest hint of spring around here, and I’m already wishing I were back on a boat, enjoying languid afternoons floating around, or adventuring out in the ocean. While it may be a while before that happens again, I might appease myself with some nautical-inspired details instead.

When I think of ‘themed’ decor, the prospect seems a bit precarious. One too many anchor motifs, rope chandeliers, or seashells scattered about can easily turn into a disastrous cliche of a room. No, this is a subtle – and possibly more authentic – nod to to the sea that appeals to my senses.

nautical inspired kitchen island

nautical wood counter detail kitchen

As I’ve been hunting for some final pieces to fill in to my dad’s restaurant project, I’ve stumbled across a few older pieces for storage that I’ve really fallen in love with. Surprise, surprise – they’re both from old ships (supposedly) and bare a resemblance to these countertops, which has me re-thinking my definition of a galley kitchen. While the wet bar is quite the mix of genres (and not my favorite styling), the actual bar itself is what I really love, and it’s the natural wood and the rounded edges that remind me of the craftsmanship you see in many boats. The same goes for the countertop in the kitchen, although with this style you can see even more of a resemblance to vintage crafts. 

Yes, I think I’ll be keeping these two in the inspiration file. If I ever actually own a home, this would be a nice way to add a little character to the kitchen while providing a nod to my love of the life aquatic – don’t you agree?

*rooms via muse interiors // martha stewart