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Heaven, Found.

Remember when I first got my new office space back in September? I was thrilled at the prospect of having a place to work outside of the house. I was also very aware that it would take some serious effort to get me to go there on a regular basis. To me, the main purpose was to have a space I could shoot in, hold meetings, and house my interns. But, what I realized over the last few months is that – while the space certainly fulfilled those obligations – it was never really getting used outside of them. Why? Because choosing between being alone in my cozy home where I can keep my pajamas on all day, or being alone in my office which takes time and effort to get to (and is occasionally freezing), well… that’s a no brainer.

So, I never really settled into my space. It’s kinda like dating a guy who you like, but know isn’t really the one. I wasn’t investing too much time or effort into getting comfortable when I had a feeling the perfect fit was still out there somewhere…

coco+kelley pioneer square office_1

The part that’s been truly missing for me was having a space that is not simply useful, but  creative, inspired, and filled with people who I want to see and hang out with every day! Being a solo business owner can be isolating – some days I really wish I had a partner to bounce ideas off of and share the tasks at hand – but the next best thing might be sharing an office space with fellow creatives whose wit, smarts and talents I greatly admire.

So, what’s a girl to do? Welp. I found a new office. And some rad office mates. And guess what? It’s heaven.

coco+kelley pioneer square seattle office coco+kelley pioneer square seattle office coco+kelley pioneer square seattle office

Some of you may recognize the space. For the past few years, it’s belonged to Kelie Grosso of Maison Luxe who we featured in Rue when I was still an editor there! As a good friend of mine, she tipped me off to the fact that she would soon be vacating the space, and I knew immediately that we had to have it.

coco+kelley pioneer square seattle office

coco+kelley pioneer square seattle office

The light and architecture alone almost brings me to tears it’s that good. And Kelie did an amazing job with the space, adding track lighting, sisal carpeting and the prettiest wallpaper. She also left us some storage pieces for now, but as soon as she moves into her new space, we’ll be starting from scratch, which will be quite the endeavor.

coco+kelley pioneer square seattle office

But, perhaps my favorite part of the building is the location. Pioneer Square is the most historical area of downtown Seattle, and it’s on the verge of a major revival. The buildings here are simply stunning, and there’s a great energy in the area right now. Lots of new restaurants are moving in (including my dad’s!) and I’m hoping more retail will follow. Oh, and did I mention that the ballpark is just a few blocks away? Come summertime, this is going to be a fantastic place to be!

coco+kelley pioneer square seattle office

As for my office mates, we have a ridiculously talented group sharing the space, and I can’t wait to properly show them off to all of you. But for now, a brief intro::

Ann DeOtte Kaufman of Iva Jean //  Erin Gainey of the Seattle Design Foundation // Brian Paquette of Brian Paquette Interiors // Danielle Bellert of BDR Studio // Jess Chamberlain of Sunset Magazine

To recap, that means we’ve got a fashion designer with a panache for form-meets-function, a leader of a non-profit foundation for design, a ridiculously talented interior designer, a letterpress fanatic and graphic artist, and a writer for a national mag who is always in the know. And then there’s me. I mean, seriously you guys. I don’t think it gets much better.

Oh, but it might. Because we’d love to have visitors. And anyone in need of using a craft space for a day, or shooting a little look book, or finding a way to use our little space is more than welcome. We’ll have more information and news on that to come, but for now… CHEERS to a bright, beautiful new future in this amazing building and we’ll be bringing you more soon!