Sometimes, creatives get a little carried away with their ideas and visions for a space, event, or garment. There’s always that moment where adding just one more element can take something from ‘wow’ to ‘oh dear God, no’. So I always admire the designers who push the envelope to that very edge…

anne hepfer leopard and butterflies

anne hepfer2

anne hepfer toile and roses tabletop

Like the work of Anne Hepfer, whose layers of color and pattern are blowing my mind. These two moments are currently adding major inspiration to my Monday. I’ve been working on tabletop shoot this week, and I’ve delayed it a day because I can’t quite seem to get it right. These images made me realize that what I might be missing is just taking the plunge into an over-the-top moment thats bound to provide some excitement if nothing else. Are they doing the same for you?

14 responses on “GO FOR BOLD :: ANNE HEPFER

  1. Quinn Cooper

    Wow, I’m loving those leopard lamps, obsessed. Both of these styles are inspiring. Sometimes you just need to go over the top with it and it just works. I mean who knew that Leopard and butterflies could look so good, very unexpected. Toile and roses a little more expected but still beautiful because of the richness of the orange and pinks.

    Quinn Cooper Style

  2. Tiffany D'Souza

    I call this serendipity at its best! I really admire the concept of pushing the boundary and creating a totally new vision. It’s a tad bit risky but without it who is to know if you are to fail or succeed like in this case!

  3. Morgan {Style Oyster}

    OMG this post makes me feel SOOOO much better about my living room. I started early last year redecorating it to be a pink/yellow/white theme and I’m still playing with things and moving things around, or adding in/taking away…sometimes I feel like I’ve gone too far, sometimes I feel like it’s not enough! LOL. It’s still a work in progress, but overall, I’m happier with it now than I ever was before the redecorating. Much lighter, brighter and happier!

  4. Ryan Di Salvo

    Loved this post, especially for a Monday. I love how looking at someone else’s designs can ignite that one little spark inside you that moves you forward in your own work.

  5. Denise

    Love this post! Any idea where I can find that pink and orange toile fabric?? I’ve been searching online since I read your post and can’t find it anywhere! ~ Denise

  6. Henna

    SO….totally off topic, but as I was looking through these photos (especially the leopard) I thought…yep, gotta share with Cassandra. 🙂

    As you yourself said, sometimes the creatives get a little carried away. Yeah, um I LEOPARD printed Easter Eggs. 😉 …and they’re amazing, haha.

    Enjoy! http://hennablossom.com/?p=809


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