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A Move Towards Modern

Since leaving college, I have moved six times in my life. Not counting moments (ok months) where I was living with my parents in between housing. (That would take it up to at least eight or nine.) Out of all those moves, I have lived in three charming apartments, one basement of a rather sizeable home, a crummy little place in LA, and a condo an hour outside of Seattle. And, out of all of those spaces – not one has ever been what I would call modern.

Whether it’s a craving for something new, an evolution of preferences, or simply a hankering to be more of a city girl, I must say that lately, I’ve been drawn to a more urban style in my surroundings…

hill house dining roomdwell mag loft bedroom

I find this somewhat humorous because I certainly don’t feel this way about furniture. A few modern pieces here and there are fine with me, but really I prefer the classics. Which is good, because (you know me), I love a good contrast in styles. I envision my trimmed black and white sofa or aqua chandelier in a concrete loft, and I think… why not!?

kitchen via marie claire maison

Truth be told, I’ve had my sights set on this new apartment complex that’s just gone up a few blocks from my new office. I could walk to work, and have a view of the water! It’s got floor to ceiling windows and a great kitchen, which are two things on my wish list. Another truth be told – it would be a tough jump in my budget right now, so I’m sitting tight and exploring my options.


But I can’t seem to get this idea out of my head. Granted – it has to be done right. Many places are too cold, or poorly done, that are built with this look in mind. And I can’t help but wonder if I’ll miss charming doorways and pretty moldings (perhaps I’ll get lucky and find a place with both!). But, it might be fun to switch things up right? And since I’ll have my fill of gorgeous traditional detail in my office space… it might be nice to change things up at home!

è bella_luxe magazine

Yes, my dears, I think it might be time for some real change around here. Higher ceilings, and open floor plans await!

*images: 1 & 2 barbara hills via dwell mag // marie claire maison // apartment therapy // folly farm