Ever since this editorial highlighting the saturated aqua kitchen of Veronica Beard, I’ve dreamt of adding this kick of color to my own little galley kitchen…

turquoise-teal-aqua-kitchen-veronica beard

Granted, spaces with higher ceilings than mine and definitely more light are a bit better at absorbing the impact of such a ridiculous amount of paint, but do not fear – I’m not painting the walls anytime soon. I am, however, working on a little paint makeover project for a piece that could end up in the kitchen, which has had me contemplating colors. All this time I thought for sure I’d go with aqua, but I’m starting to debate…

aqua or yellow kitchen coco+kelley

Perhaps it’s time I added some more permanent sunshine in my life with a dash of yellow? If there’s any place I’d inject it into the house, it would be this room for sure…

IMG - Copy (740x1024)

Yellow is a tough one when it comes to paint, though. It can’t be too buttery or too bright…

yellow and concrete kitchens

I’m really liking the tone in these last two spaces – and how different they are. One quite classic, and the other definitely industrial.

So, which one gets your vote, friends? Aqua or yellow? I’m excited to get this little project going!

*images via :: harper’s bazaar // southern living // unknown // veranda via lulu and mk // real living via the design files



  1. Angee Robertson

    My vote is on the aqua. Yellow can be expected in the kitchen but aqua is a little unexpected. You are also right that yellow can either go really wrong or really right. I think the thing to consider is the style of your kitchen how those two colors jive with the vibe if you will. Good luck!

  2. Katie

    While I like the idea of the bright yellow kitchen, I am loving aqua. It is a bold color, but it is also relaxing and happy. Can’t wait to see your makeover!

  3. Lisa | Happy By

    I have been a fan of aqua and mint kitchens for a while now and I’d definitely go with that color. Considering you will do minor changes and the space is not too big, it will help pop up the color. With yellow, I think you need to get really bold with color (hot midday sun aka sunflower) or go bold with surface/design. I’m looking forward to see how it turns out.
    Have a great week 🙂

  4. Marie

    Not a fan of the aqua, at least not that much of it, but a yellow or mint kitchen would be lovely. White cabinets with navy and aqua accents could be classy though.

  5. Susan Garnett

    Aqua, without a doubt! Yellow is expected, aqua isn’t. The aqua looks fresh, clean and cool.

  6. Rachel

    Our kitchen walls are Farrow & Ball’s Dayroom Yellow. We tried a dozen Benjamin Moore colors, but should have went with Farrow & Ball from the outset. The company has maybe a half dozen yellows, ranging from light to deep gold, but they are so exquisitely crafted, that one of the six will surely work if you go the yellow route.

  7. Sammy

    Although I love both I think I love aqua just a liiiiiiiiittle bit more! Color theorists say that yellow makes you hungry, though. (Could be a good and bad thing!)

  8. Julia @cuckoo4design

    I’m usually a silent reader but I have to chime in and add my name to the aqua list. And I’m seriously obsessed with those hicks pendant lights from circa lighting in the second kitchen photo.

  9. Hope

    I always lean towards any kind of blue, so my vote is for aqua. Sarah Richardson did an amazing yellow kitchen on her show Sarah’s House. Not sure which season, but it was a farmhouse in the country. Check it out. In my opinion, she used the perfect amount of yellow and tempered it’s vibrancy with neutrals.

  10. Tammie Burton

    I vote for Aqua with a vase of yellow tulips and a bowl of lemons to add a pop of yellow! Can’t wait to see the finished project!!

  11. Louise

    No to aqua. I love it, but we had it before, and if you’re a big cook, you’ll get this, it makes all the food look horrid!! Put me off baking, cooking and I hated it. But I did lose weight……so Aqua if you want to drop some pounds!

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      Louise, I know exactly what you’re saying and I hadn’t even thought about that!! I do suppose it could be the only diet that might work on me, but that’s no reason to try it! Eek. Thanks for the practical tip!

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  13. Anne Lubner

    Either color will look great, but the answer is really inside you. Paint some poster boards in each color, tack them up and live with them for a couple days. See which one makes you happiest!

  14. Joyce Ward

    I vote for a lemon yellow- it will always may you feel good when you walk inside. For 25 years I have had a yellow kitchen – still in love with itI I grew up with an aqua kitchen- as a child walls, curtains, & accessories-grew tired of it-just saying. Experience is the best teacher…..

  15. Kimberly

    So what’s the verdict? Yellow or Aqua?

    I’m faced with the same debate for my kitchen. I’d love to know what you chose or even see pictures if you’ve painted.


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