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Trip Tease…

Since returning to my home sweet home last Thursday evening, I’ve been spending time sorting through my memories and images of what was an amazing trip. Starting in Zambia and then spending time in South Africa, I feel like we saw and experienced so many things, that I’m sure it will take more than a few posts to fill you all in on the adventure. So, for now, just a quick teaser of some of my favorite moments!

coco+kelley africa trip-1

One of the very few pics of actual people, this was our awesome little travel group for the first half of the trip! (My bangs were not havin’ it with the humidity.) Flanked by our videographer (Oliver on the left) and our guide and photographer (James on the right), Kyle, her husband Clay, and I were the traveling threesome for two weeks.

coco+kelley africa trip-2

They call this time of year the Emerald Season for a reason!

coco+kelley africa trip-4

coco+kelley africa trip-3

Baby elephants (ellies) and zebras (pronounced zeh-brah) made our first venture into the bush more than rewarding!

coco+kelley africa trip-zebra

Our second day we requested giraffe. And we got giraffe!

coco+kelley africa trip-5

My mornings were filled with lots of monkeying around…

coco+kelley africa trip-6

The baboons would run from the trees, across my roof, to more trees all morning long. Who needs wakeup calls when you’ve got the sounds of wildlife?

coco+kelley africa trip-7

A helicopter tour of Victoria Falls completed the week in Zambia nicely – such a spectacular sight! Then it was off to Cape Town where we enjoyed our ocean vistas day and night…

coco+kelley africa trip-9

coco+kelley africa trip-10

This part of the trip was a total whirlwind and I’ll have much to share with you from our shopping in the city, but my favorite part might have been wine country…

coco+kelley africa trip-11

coco+kelley africa trip-13

coco+kelley africa trip-12

I absolutely loved South Africa – it’s such a convergence of cultural influences and terrain – one  week was certainly not enough time to properly explore it all!

Once I have all our photos together, I’ll be giving you a proper review of all the places we stayed, things we saw, and the amazing experience that all came together thanks to Passage to Africa and Safarious. Much more to come…