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Room Of The Week :: 2.27

I’m getting ahead of schedule with this post, but as I was perusing through galleries and spotted this space, I knew it had to go up!

Every once in a while I like to make the Room of the Week a controversial pick. Usually, that means a few of you think I’ve lost my marbles, and the majority of you can find something to appreciate in the space. Well, I’m curious to see what you all think of this one…

crazy kitchen via homelife au

This kitchen is a Melbourne apartment renovation where the use of timber sheeting has gone a bit extreme. But, it was that mirror-paneled cabinet that caught my eye and left me lingering over some of the redeeming qualities of the space. The contrast of materials, the clean white surfaces and interesting shapes to name a few. Still, one can’t help feeling that the space is unfinished with that board everywhere! I’m the first one to appreciate taking risks with a space… but does this actually work?

plywood kitchen coco+kelley

There are certainly some unique moments happening here. Apparently, the wardrobe moves around to reconfigure the room (which has me wondering what exactly is inside it?). And, an interesting detail you can’t spot in the initial photo? The raised floor in the kitchen, which is a fun move. The owner (and architect) says it elevates the view – of both the space and from the window – and definitely has a cool effect.

Personally, I think I’d appreciate it more if the plyboard were used sparingly… maybe just on the island? (Their bathroom is a better example.) I’d would also add more traditional or high end items to the room to offset the wood. Perhaps an antique chandelier? Or posh bar stools to soften things up a bit? And I would most definitely be swapping out the ‘hardware’ on those cabinets.

While I find the lines and the materials an interesting mix, I can firmly say that this space is just not meant for me. But I’m curious if it appeals to any of you?? How would you change things up?