Yesterday, we showed you our idea of the perfect Mexican-themed dinner party for Valentine’s Day dinner with your sweeties. But, we left out one very important detail… dessert!!!

coco+kelley churro bar 1

I enlisted the help of my local churro expert, Uncle Beefy, who whipped up a whole batch of these tasty treats for our churro bar! I don’t know about you, but I kinda go crazy for these. Crazy, like I think I ate six of them during the shoot. So what better way to finish off a dinner party than with these irresistible desserts? Complete with three types of chocolate dipping sauces, of course…

coco+kelley churro bar 2

coco+kelley churro bar 3

Packaged up in little parchment paper cones, the churros are the perfect size to grab and dip while you mingle. I’ve always been of the thought that guests tend to want to eat dessert at their own pace. Some are ready to dive right in after dinner, and others won’t want it until hours later. Putting together a little dessert bar like this allows guests to help themselves when they’re ready.

coco+kelley churro bar 4

coco+kelley churro bar 5

Of course, I’m always ready.

coco+kelley churro bar 7

So, now that your mouth is watering, you probably want to know how to make these yummies. Am I right? Lucky for you, Bradford (affectionally known to all of us as Uncle Beefy) over at The Bedlam of Beefy has the churro recipe all ready to go, right here! They are surprisingly easy to whip up, my friends, so get ready for a churro-making session! And those three chocolate sauces for churro dipping? Well, we’ll have that in our next post!

*photography by julie harmsen // styling and concept by cassandra lavalle // churros and chocolate by uncle beefy

*get the look: order a custom piñada (in pretty much any shape you can imagine!) from my girl sara at pinyadayada // vase // dishes // small bowls  // glassybaby votives


    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      thanks for the note noe! i grew up in LA where i believe mexicans have basically adopted churros into their culture. i didn’t mean to discredit spain for the original idea… but i think it works well with a mexican theme too!

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