Even though Cassandra is currently on the opposite side of the globe, that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of all the places we would go, and get a little inspiration for our homes in the process!  I’m Erin from House of Earnest, and I have a few places on my shortlist that I am dying to visit and consistently pull from for color or pattern ideas.  I usually have a pretty neutral style in my home, but I love how each of these places have a distinct character that would add just the perfect bit of flair to a space…

Home and Away - House of EarnestWhether it’s neutral and natural or colorful and curious, my top four places to visit all have a little something different to explore – both home and away!

*Sweden: photo blanket, India: photo | votives, Turkey: photo | vanity, Paris: photo | chair

8 responses on “HOME + AWAY

  1. Jamie Herzlinger

    Love the post! I am currently dreaming of being in Paris because I am working on a project that is so french inspired, I may need to take a quick trip as reference!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  2. Kandy

    I highly recommend Turkey. It is absolutely gorgeous, the people are wonderful and I have brought home so many beautiful things for my home. I’ve been 4 times and I dream of returning again. Oh the bazaar…

  3. Ali

    I love this post! I just got back from Oman and saw so much great tile work that I wanted to be able to bring back with me and infuse into home decor.

    I recently started a website, Lydali (http://www.lydali.com/), selling treasures from around the world, for people who can’t travel as much as they’d like and bring stuff back themselves.


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