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Guesting :: Victoria’s Valentine’s Day Wishlist

Hey coco+kelley readers! Victoria from vmac+cheese here, filling in for Cass while she’s galavanting in Africa (!!). My wish list is less about things I would want for the Valentine’s holiday (though any of these items would certainly make the cut), and more about letting the color of the hour inspire a bit of retail therapy.


Pink has certainly never been a signature color for me, but these days, it comes in so many hues and tones that it’s hard not to add a little dose of femininity to your life! I’m especially partial to blushing pinks, like these loafers or this blouse, which veer almost towards neutral. They’re really pair-with-anything pieces! What will you be wearing this weekend?

*shop: 1. sleeveless blouse // 2. earrings // 3. pink knit top // 4. loafers // 5. note book // 6. peplum lace top // 7. floral pump // 8. pillows // 9. dress // 10. lingerie set