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Floral Tutorial :: Valentine’s Day Arrangements

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to flowers, I can be a bit picky (to say the least). While I’ll always appreciate the gesture of flowers from a man, most days I prefer to spoil myself with a fresh arrangement hand-picked and created all on my own. So, needless to say, I’m mildly obsessed with this latest tutorial from our resident floral expert, Kiana. An arrangement that’s the perfect addition to your home (on the mantle, dining table, or desk?) for Valentine’s Day…

valentine's day flowers tulipina for coco+kelley

The flowers themselves are gorgeous, and I love (no pun intended) that the mugs can be used to spell out a little message (get creative!) But, my favorite part is that when they’re bunched together, the separate arrangements look like one long centerpiece. A style I’d like to emulate using a number of my own vases at some point! And now, I leave you to the tutorial…

tulipina valentine's day arragement for coco+kelley

What you’ll need:

  1. pink tulips
  2. ivory anemones
  3. peach ranunculus
  4. peach or pink calendula
  5. 203 stems pink or ivory amaryllis
  6. geranium leaves
  7. peach hyacinth
  8. letter mugs from anthropologie

Creating a unique and beautiful floral arrangement is not as difficult as most would believe. In this arrangement I use the “LOVE” mugs as one vessel to create a centerpiece.

tulipina vday for coco+kelley step 1

Step 1: We begin by dispersing the Geranium leaves amongst all four of the mugs and placing the Tulips in the “E” mug, allowing them to hold their natural droop. Similar to the Geranium leaves, I add the Ranunculus to all of the mugs. Fill the rest of the “E” mug with both Ranunculus and Calendula.

tulipina vday for coco+kelley step 2

Step 2: In the “O” and “L” mug add in the Amaryllis and the Hyacinth until both mugs are filled with flowers.

tulipina vday for coco+kelley step 3

Step 3: Continue by adding the Anemones in the center of the arrangement. These flowers add a fun element to the arrangement as their black centers compliment the black letters on the mugs.

tulipina vday for coco+kelley step 4

Step 4: Continue filling in where there is an empty space with the remaining flowers for a full and beautiful arrangement!

tulipina vday for coco+kelley finished centerpiece

tulipina vday for coco+kelley detail

Kiana Underwood is the owner of Tulipina, a boutique floral design studio in San Francisco, California specializing in chic events, including weddings and the editor of floral blog Naked Bouquet, which is focused on design and creative DIYs.

*photography by angie cao