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A Little (kitchen) Nookie

I’m always impressed with spaces that manage to make the most of a tight situation, but these two bring a whole new definition to the term ‘breakfast nook’…

tobi tobin breakfast nook

I love the sunlit corner at the end of this kitchen. The fact that it’s carpeted makes it extra cozy, (although I’m curious if it extends through the rest of the space?) and the extra counter for a bar is gutsy too – some might have just left the cabinets. The windows make it possible for things to not get too claustrophobic with all that looming storage, and the armchairs give it a hint of luxury. Well played, nook. Well played.

Bandhagen Sköna Hem

Here’s a second smarty of a space. Again, at the end of a kitchen, but with a darker, more modern feel. This one has me slightly suspicious of how well that setup actually works when you’re attempting to cook, but if the design was truly genius, those chairs would tuck right under that table! As it is, it looks like they at least get out of the way enough to make the space usable. The owner has even rigged up a little telly in the corner. Impressive! I’d swap the chairs for stools that are a little more food friendly (I’m a messy cook) and move right in.

Which would you prefer?

*images :: tobi tobin // skona hem via planete deco