Wandering through blogs the other day (something I miss having time for oh so much!), I discovered a beautiful editorial featuring this summer Christmas tabletop (sounds so funny as a northerner saying that, doesn’t it?) 

beach tabletop via the pretty blog

Since I’m obsessed with beachy themes like this one, I stopped to browse through all the images, and literally let out an audible ‘Oh my God‘ to an empty office when I came upon this moment…

beach tabletop grey seashell braid via the pretty blog

My total infatuation had nothing to do with the table, and everything  to do with the lovely hostess’ hair!

seashell braid via the pretty blog seashell braid coco+kelley

Please tell me I’m not the only one having a mermaid fantasy moment of me laying on some white sand beach, weaving seashells through my tresses? And as if that weren’t enough…

seashell hair pieces

Forget florals and rhinestones. I’m about to get my hands on some sea urchins and mussels for a little craft time…

*photography by christine meintjes

11 responses on “WITH SEASHELLS IN HER HAIR…

  1. jess

    The tablescape is GORGEOUS but so is her hair, not only the seashells (which appeal to my fantasy of being a mermaid and having mermaid hair), but also the color. Everything about every picture here is just beautiful.

  2. Diana

    I love everything about this look!! Especially the mermaid inspired hostess look, it reminds me of childhood days wishing I could be the little mermaid…Just stunning details!


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