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White Washed

Last week I mentioned how I wanted to rethink my winter wardrobe by adding lots of layers of whites, creams and pale greys… which got me thinking about winter interiors. Funny enough, I think I add more color to my home in the winter, since there’s such a lack of it outside, but what if we went the same direction with our interiors as our wardrobes for winter? Mine might look something like this…

white washed coco+kelley

When paring down color in the home, it’s so important to add elements of visual texture instead. I love how this hallway has so much going on in terms of materials! Painted brick, high gloss lacquer, concrete, linen and metal accents all lend interest to a quiet palette of grey and white.

white washed coco+kelley2

In this living room, warm wood tones add some depth to all the neutrals, but it’s really the abundance of light in this space that does it for me. From the glass ‘window’ wall to the high gloss ceiling – someone knew what they were doing when they designed this space. For places like Seattle, this kind of environment is so ideal. We need all the help we can get when bringing light throughout the home.

white washed coco+kelley3

A major trick to an all white palette is reflective surfaces. To some, it may feel cold, but to me I think it adds a bit of twinkle and warmth. Mirrors reflect so much light – whether it’s natural or otherwise – and are especially magical when lit by candlelight! Perfect for winter evenings.

Of course, if you’re like me and prefer to cozy your home up with warm accessories and tones, then you might like these home decorating ideas I’ve posted over on MyHabit’s blog, theFix! Just a few ways to take advantage of the remaining winter months with some simple decor tricks!